Disability Law 101: A Basic Legal Primer on Understanding a Campus’ Legal Obligation to Students with Disabilities

New to your position? Do you have a background in another profession but now are trying to figure out how the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act operate on college campuses? Or are you a new compliance officer charged with handling student ADA grievances? This is the session for you.

Jeanne Kincaid, an attorney who specializes in representing schools, colleges and universities on disability-related matters, will lead attendees through a basic framework of analysis so that you are more comfortable when you return to your campus and attempt to implement these laws. The seminar will focus on students with disabilities attending postsecondary institutions and will discuss who qualifies for disability protection and making that determination; assessing and implementing reasonable accommodations; understanding the tension between academic decision-making and legal entitlements to reasonable accommodation; types of testing accommodations; accommodations in non-academic settings such as dining, housing and internships; confidentiality; and handling ADA/Rehabilitation Act grievances. Law can be complicated but better understanding how these laws operate will give you more confidence in meeting your institution’s obligations to students, staff and faculty.

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