Drummond Woodsum Attorney Tim Steigelman Provides Guidance on Laws Relating to Shipping Liability in the Canadian Arctic

Earlier this month Drummond Woodsum Attorney Tim Steigelman published an article in the Ocean and Coastal Law Journal titled “Clarifying the Liability Risk of Shipping in the Canadian Arctic.” The article explores the intersection of maritime liability under Canadian law with the Polar Code that went into effect this year. As Arctic sea ice declines and the Arctic Ocean opens to regular vessel passage in the near future, inconsistent and conflicting laws need to be brought into better harmony, and Tim’s article proposes such a solution.

The volume with Tim’s article resulted from last fall’s Arctic Council meeting in Portland, when diplomatic, scientific, and aboriginal leaders from around the Arctic Circle came to the once and rebuilding sea port of Portland, Maine to discuss the future of the Arctic region. Other contributors to the volume include U.S. Senator Angus King, and Professor Charles Norchi of the University of Maine School of Law.

View the article at http://digitalcommons.mainelaw.maine.edu/oclj/vol22/iss1/5

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