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March 8, 2018

Mark T. Broth
Seasonal Employees...and the Well-seasoned Employee

Federal and state laws establish certain minimum standards for compensating employees.  These include minimum wage and overtime requirements, rules regarding the frequency of pay, and rules requiring records of hours worked and notice to employees ...

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New Hampshire Town and City

Employment & Labor

January 17, 2018

Hannah E. King
Consider Input of Private School Staff in IEP Process

To develop an IEP that is based on the unique needs of a student with a disability in a private placement, you must involve the private school staff as much as you reasonably can. "It's about getting all the information that you can about a student," said Hannah King...

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Special Education Connection

School & Education
Special Education

January 11, 2018

Anna B. Cole
Poll Workers: Volunteers or Employees?

In any given year, innumerable local, state, and federal elections are being held across the country.  These elections could not take place without the support of countless poll workers who assist local municipalities by counting ballots, supervising the checklists, assisting voters, etc.  Questions are often raised regarding the status of these workers.  Are they volunteers or employees?

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New Hampshire Town and City

Employment & Labor

2017 Estate Planning Year in Review

This is the 17th edition of the annual Estate Planning Year in Review. Lest anyone worry that we, the authors of this annual epistle, might merely send out  postcard, the way we will apparently all be filing our personal income tax returns next year based on the simplified, overhauled tax code, with a one line note that says, “nothing happened this year,” fear not. 2017 did not lack for news worthy of our commentary.

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November/December 2017

Mark T. Broth
New Hampshire Supreme Court Clarifies Government Body's Obligations under RSA 91-A

When it was first enacted, technology only intersected with the Right-to-Know Law (RSA 91-A) at a government body’s copying machine.  The most challenging technological question that the statute presented was the amount that could...

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New Hampshire Town and City

Employment & Labor
Municipal Law

October 30, 2017

Kaitlyn M. Husar
Drummond Woodsum Challenges Disincorporation in Bankruptcy

Creditors face a myriad of issues whenever a small business borrower files for bankruptcy, but creditors in only a handful of districts in the country routinely must...

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October 19, 2017

Kaighn Smith
Federal Indian Law: Taking Account of the Lessons of History

It’s highly appropriate for The American Law Institute to take on federal Indian law; it is fundamental to who we are as a nation.  The history of federal Indian law reflects the country coming to grips with its colonization of indigenous...

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The ALI Adviser

Indian Law

Freer and Clearer Sales: Using 363(f) to Strip Non-Traditional Interests from Distressed Assets

Imagine that there is a business struggling with an unsustainable debt load. As a result of these pressures on cash flow, the business cuts corners, including worker safety, resulting in an increase in workplace injuries...

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American Bankruptcy Institute

Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Creditors' Rights

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