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Cities, Towns Struggle with Medical Marijuana Caregivers

Growing, medical use of marijuana poses challenges because municipalities have valid concerns about marijuana operations, yet local regulation is limited...

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Tribal Cannabis So Far...

In late October 2014, the U.S. Justice Department issued the so-called "Wilkinson Memo," which signaled that under the right circumstances, the Obama Justice Department would discourage prosecution by local United States Attorneys of tribal efforts to legalize and sell marijuana. This possible opening of the door to tribal cannabis enterprises came with a variety of strings and conditions attached; it was really more of a yellow light than a green one Following the issuance of the Wilkinson Memo, several tribes have tried to legalize cannabis on their reservations and launch cannabis enterprises in one form or another. Some tribes have met with success, others have not. This article explores the lessons learned in the last year and a half, in an effort to identify best practices for Tribes considering entering the cannabis space...

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