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October 30, 2017
Drummond Woodsum Challenges Disincorporation in Bankruptcy

Creditors face a myriad of issues whenever a small business borrower files for bankruptcy, but creditors in only a handful of districts in the country routinely must...

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October 19, 2017

Kaighn Smith
Federal Indian Law: Taking Account of the Lessons of History

It’s highly appropriate for The American Law Institute to take on federal Indian law; it is fundamental to who we are as a nation.  The history of federal Indian law reflects the country coming to grips with its colonization of indigenous...

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The ALI Adviser

Indian Law

September 16, 2017

Jeremy R. Fischer
Freer and Clearer Sales: Using 363(f) to Strip Non-Traditional Interests from Distressed Assets

Imagine that there is a business struggling with an unsustainable debt load. As a result of these pressures on cash flow, the business cuts corners, including worker safety, resulting in an increase in workplace injuries...

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American Bankruptcy Institute

Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Creditors' Rights

September 14, 2017

Ann S. Chapman
Education Secretary Previews Title IX Changes to Come

The Trump administration has finally provided more information about the much-anticipated roll-back of Title IX enforcement. In a strongly-worded speech, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced on September 7th that the Department intends to “repeal and replace” the April 2011 Dear Colleague Letter...

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July/August 2017

Mark T. Broth
Workforce Availability and Its Implications for Regionalization

If you attempted to create a list of “unpopular topics for public officials,” spending more money and regionalization would both be at or near the top. Elected officials are rightfully expected to be close guardians of the public purse, operating under the mandate of providing...

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New Hampshire Town and City

Employment & Labor
Municipal Law

Regulating Speech in the Wake of Reed v. Town of Gilbert

It has been nearly two years since the U.S. Supreme Court, in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, invalidated a municipal sign ordinance that imposed different size, quantity, and length-of-display requirements on different types of temporary signs.

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Maine Association of Planners

Municipal Law

May/June 2017

Mark T. Broth
Marijuana in the Workplace

Under both federal and New Hampshire law, the possession, distribution, or use of marijuana is a criminal act. New Hampshire law makes a limited exception for those persons who qualify to use “medical marijuana.” Federal law contains no such exception. Technically, those persons permitted by the State to use marijuana for medical purposes are still subject to arrest and prosecution under federal law.


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May 2, 2017

Jeremy R. Fischer
Bankers Beware: Post-Discharge Guaranty Might Be an Invalid Reaffirmation Agreement that Violates Discharge Injunction

Lenders commonly require owners of closely held companies to personally guaranty commercial loans. Requiring personal guaranties provides the lender with several benefits: Not only..

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5 Things Every Superintendent Should Know About Real Estate

There are a number of ways in which school units can be involved in real estate transactions. Sometimes the opportunity arises to acquire land near an existing school property from an abutter, or a school unit may need to dispose of real estate no longer used for school purposes...

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School Law Advisory

Real Estate
School & Education

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