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Summer 2018

Isabel B. Ekman
USM - EDU 678 School Law

In this course offered through the University of Southern Maine, students will be aquainted with general principles of school law as found in the interpretation of constitutional and statutory provisions by the higher courts. Laws governing pupils, teaching personnel, and boards of education and special education will be stressed with particular emphasis on Maine school law.


New Chief’s and Sherriff’s Seminar at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy


2018 Seminar for School and District Secretaries, Special Education Secretaries, and Administrative Assistants

Sponsored by the Maine Principals’ Association and MADSEC in Partnership with Drummond Woodsum.  This must-attend seminar will provide secretaries with an understanding of the state and federal laws and regulations that impact them every day. The program includes up-to-the-minute information and practical suggestions to help secretaries do their jobs even better. Every participant will receive a copy of the Maine School Law for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (7th Edition).


Beyond the Basics: Advanced Issues in I-9s

The Department of Justice has enforced I-9 subpoenas against Indian tribes. It is widely known that the fines against employers for non-compliance in I-9s have increased over the last several years. This webinar moves beyond the nuts ad bolts of the completion of I-9 form itself and provides tribal human resources professionals with tips, tricks, and best practices related to more in-depth I-9 topics...

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October 6, 2017

Jeanne M. Kincaid
Recent Legal Issues and Current Trends Facing Higher Education Institutions, Including Web Accessibility Complaints

Piscataway, New Jersey

Disability Law
Higher Education


Marijuana in Maine: Issues for Maine Colleges and Universities

The Higher Education Group at Drummond Woodsum invites you to join us for an update on the rapidly shifting landscape of marijuana laws in Maine and possible ramifications for Maine’s colleges and universities...

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Portland, ME

Higher Education


Current Hot Topics in Sign Regulation


Municipal Law


September 21, 2017

Melissa A. Hewey
Allen L. Kropp
Affirmative Action and Beyond: What School Administrators Need to Know to Investigate and Address Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying

Complaints of discrimination, harassment and bullying in school continue to rise across the state and the country. This program, led by Drummond Woodsum attorneys Melissa Hewey and Allen Kropp, is designed to provide...

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September 18, 2017

Jeremy R. Fischer
Bankruptcy Changes in a Changing Bankruptcy Landscape


FLSA Traps and Trials: Training, Tips and Travel

Wage and hour law is riddled with traps for the unwary. A tribal human resources professional can easily create significant liability for the tribe or tribal enterprise if employees are not receiving all of the wages to which they are entitled. This webinar will help tribal HR determine when an employee is “on-the-clock” while travelling or attending training programs and conferences, and address the common misconceptions regarding compensation of tipped employees...


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