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504 Conference - Bangor

Many of you have heard our 504 overview. But this conference is much more, and meant as a hands-on deep dive into how to manage your 504 system. Allen and Eric will provide an overview of the controlling legal principles, but the vast majority of the session will be interactive and hands on, and focus on key 504 issues facing districts across the State.


The Federal Government Approves Maine's Medicaid Expansion

After nearly 1 ½ years of political and legal hurdles the federal government has approved Maine’s Medicaid expansion, making federal matching funds available to Maine as one of 37 states plus the District of Columbia that have expanded Medicaid under the ACA.

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Opportunities for Marijuana Establishments to Access Financial Services: Recent Advancements at the State and Federal Level

Currently, marijuana businesses and their employees are not able to deposit funds from their businesses into federally insured financial institutions or obtain loans from financial institutions because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

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March 28, 2019

Demetrio F. Aspiras
Judge Dismisses Most of Ex-Principal's Wrongful Termination Suit


March 25-28, 2019

Edward (Ted) J. Kelleher
Opportunities in Cannabis An In-depth Discussion of Tribes' Unique Position in the Cannabis Market, Reservation Economic Summit (RES) 2019, Las Vegas, NV


European Marijuana and CBD Market Opportunities: Reflections from Spannabis and the World Cannabis Conference in Barcelona

While marijuana and hemp continue to be burgeoning markets in the United States, international markets are also beginning to emerge offering additional opportunities to entrepreneurs in the cannabis space. The global legal cannabis industry is predicted to be a $32 billion a year market by 2022.  Just as understanding and navigating the siloed state regulatory regimes is critical to a national strategy, it is essential that any company exploring opportunities internationally have a robust appreciation of the international legal landscape and target markets. In a series of articles, we will explore the current legal status of marijuana and hemp around the world, starting with Europe, and specifically, Spain where Drummond Woodsum Attorney Malina Dumas recently attended the World Cannabis Conference and Spannabis.

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March 25, 2019

Vivian A. Mikhail
Vivian Mikhail Joins Drummond Woodsum’s Government Relations and Campaigns Practice

Drummond Woodsum Strategic Consulting is pleased to announce that Vivian A. Mikhailhas joined the firm’s government relations practice.  Vivian comes to Drummond Woodsum Strategic Consulting from the Maine Attorney General’s Office, where she served under Governor Janet T. Mills during two of the Governor’s terms as Attorney General.  There Vivian was responsible for all enforcement, legislative, regulatory, litigation and national arbitration matters involving the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.

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Dealing with Reasonable Accommodation: What to do when an employee needs or requests an accommodation

The Drummond Woodsum Labor and Employment Group invites you to its quarterly complimentary Human Resources get-together.  This program will discuss how to identify and handle either explicit or implicit requests for accommodations in the workplace; the interactive process; when to ask for medical documentation; and when, what, and how to document the request and employer response.  We will also discuss some difficult - but increasingly more frequent - accommodation requests, including those relative to mental health issues and chemical/fragrance sensitivities.

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Winter 2019

Eric R. Herlan
Court Rules for School's Defense of Student Rights Against Parental Onslaught

In a case defying all misguided stereotypes about schools, the First Circuit Court of Appeals (First Circuit) has ruled in favor of Regional School Unit 72 in the school’s defense of student rights against a parental effort to impose “remedy caps” on special education claims.

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Reasonable Accommodation Reminder: Use the Interactive Process

One of the most frequent questions we hear from school employers is how to respond to an employee’s request (or a request from the employee’s health care provider) for some change to their job duties, schedule, ...

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