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Maine Supreme Court Says State Cannot Deny Food Stamps to Eligible Asylum Seekers

Maine’s top court has ruled that the Maine Department of Health and Human Services was wrong to deny food stamp benefits to asylum seekers who had been cleared to work but had yet to find a job...

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January 17, 2018

Hannah E. King
Consider Input of Private School Staff in IEP Process

To develop an IEP that is based on the unique needs of a student with a disability in a private placement, you must involve the private school staff as much as you reasonably can. "It's about getting all the information that you can about a student," said Hannah King...


Academic Integrity More Than Just Plagiarism: Hot Topics and Emerging Issues

Cheating continues to be a serious problem and campuses are grappling with new challenges in academic integrity. We will help you focus your energy on emerging issues in academic integrity and share practical tips for educating students and faculty, crafting effective policies and processes, and responding to infractions when they arise.

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January 11, 2018

Anna B. Cole
Poll Workers: Volunteers or Employees?

In any given year, innumerable local, state, and federal elections are being held across the country.  These elections could not take place without the support of countless poll workers who assist local municipalities by counting ballots, supervising the checklists, assisting voters, etc.  Questions are often raised regarding the status of these workers.  Are they volunteers or employees?


January 10, 2018

Christopher G. Stevenson
How to Survive an IRS Audit

We have seen a large number of IRS audits of public schools.  In almost all cases these audits result in school districts incurring significant penalties.  In this webinar, attorney Chris Stevenson will focus on ...


January 9, 2018

Mark C. Gallagher
Mark Gallagher Joins Drummond Woodsum’s Government Relations and Campaigns Practice

Drummond Woodsum Strategic Consulting is pleased to announce that Mark C. Gallagher has joined the firm as a Government Relations and Campaign Consultant.  Mark is a non-lawyer consultant with  more than 23 years of experience in...

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2017 Estate Planning Year in Review

This is the 17th edition of the annual Estate Planning Year in Review. Lest anyone worry that we, the authors of this annual epistle, might merely send out  postcard, the way we will apparently all be filing our personal income tax returns next year based on the simplified, overhauled tax code, with a one line note that says, “nothing happened this year,” fear not. 2017 did not lack for news worthy of our commentary.


December 14, 2017
Hannah King Quoted in Portland Press Herald: Maine Processors Who Make Pot Products Facing State Crackdown


New Attorneys Join Drummond Woodsum

Drummond Woodsum is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Kathleen Landis and Connor Schratz as Associate Attorneys practicing out of the firm’s Portland, Maine offices. 

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Passamaquoddy Tribe Closes Major Carbon Credit Sale

The Passamaquoddy Tribe closed a major sale of verified carbon offset credits generated from Tribal trust lands. Drummond Woodsum attorneys Michael-Corey Hinton and Aaron Pratt represented the Tribe in this transaction.  By encouraging natural forest growth over 98,000 acres of Tribal land, the project preserves stored carbon in the forest and enables an additional revenue stream through the sale of carbon offsets, also known as carbon credits.

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