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Foreign Student Program Start-Up Guide

1st Edition, 2013 | $195.00

Product Description

Preview the introduction to the Foreign Student Program Start-Up Guide!

Open the doors of your school to cultural diversity and a new source of income. Establishing a Foreign Student Program is a daunting task but our Foreign Student Program Start-Up Guide will take you through the process step-by-step. We will show you how to obtain certification as an F-1 Sponsor School, how to secure F-1 visas for foreign students, and how to remain in compliance with federal regulations along the way. Our Guide includes:    

  • Instructions on how to prepare and file the I-17 Petition for Approval of School for
  • Attendance by Nonimmigrant Student
  • Guidance on how to survive the On-Site Inspection
  • Break-down of the F-1 Student Visa issuance process at the US Consulate
  • A How-To on producing the Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility
  • A Glossary and clear explanations of the jargon and legal concepts involved in foreign student sponsorship
  • Guidance on how to comply with strict federal regulations and reporting/retention requirements
  • Sample foreign student admission application
  • Pertinent federal regulations compiled and explained

Take the mystery out of the foreign student program process and get it right the first time with our Foreign Student Program Start-Up Guide.   

Attorney Service Package Also Available!
As a separate product, we also offer an attorney-led Foreign Student Program Start-Up Service Package. The Service Package includes attorney guidance through the I-17 Petition certification process, assistance in program design and team-building, and a complementary edition of the Foreign Student Program Start-Up Guide. The Service Package may also include a training seminar to prepare your foreign student program team for the On-Site Inspection and Interview. Please contact Jenn Beckler at jbeckler@dwmlaw.com for more information.

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