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Breaking Bad! Responding to Disruptive and Aggressive Students in School

This is the definitive treatment of how schools can respond to students who are disruptive or aggressive in class, in the hallways, on playgrounds, or over the internet.  Our presenters will discuss virtually all aspects of student discipline, including suspension, expulsion, court proceedings, and in addition, how student misbehavior intersects special education. When is special education the answer? And what does special education tell us about interventions?

The Drummond Woodsum legal team is joined by Dr. Heather Blier, a New England expert on behavior assessment and intervention, making this conference the most informative discussion of student misbehavior in years!

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Section 504: A Deep Dive!

Many of you have heard our 504 overview. But this conference is much more, and meant as a hands-on deep dive into how to manage your 504 system. Erin, Eric and Allen will provide an overview of the controlling legal principles, but the vast majority of the session will be interactive and hands on, and focus on key 504 issues facing districts across the State. Attendees will work through difficult eligibility, programming, discipline, and other examples; and learning groups will have to consider and address the relationship between 504 and special education within their school systems. How does 504 fit within your school? And what changes might you pursue? Together, we will tackle these and other common, yet complicated issues.

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At the Intersection of Free Speach, Social Media, and Local Government

Drummond Woodsum attorneys will be presenting on this topic at 6 locations throughout New Hampshire.  Can a municipal employee or official say anything they would like on Facebook or Twitter about town government, city officials, other citizens, and issues of the day? Can a city remove derogatory comments from its own Facebook page? Towns and cities are using social media more often to communicate with citizens, both to provide up-to-the-minute information and to allow citizens to ask questions and give feedback. Just as often, municipal employees and officials have their own social media accounts which they might use to post their own thoughts about municipal government, other citizens, and issues of the day. Social media creates a variety of issues regarding 1st Amendment free speech rights of the public, employees, and officials; protected union activity by employees; legally protected speech of New Hampshire’s public employees; electioneering...

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Derry, Dover, Keene, Lebanon, Laconia, Littleton, NH

Municipal Law

The Tribal Human Resources Professional Certification Summit

NNAHRA and Drummond Woodsum have joined forces to provide Tribal Human Resources Professional (THRP) training to HR Professionals in Indian Country. This 3-1/2 day course provides HR Professionals with the practical knowledge and skills they need to handle the unique employment challenges facing tribal governments and their enterprises.

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Tulalip, WA

Indian Law

July 9-12, 2019

Eric R. Herlan
2019 Special Education Institute

This four-day Institute has been designed with busy educators in mind. In a short period of time, the participants will cover materials that would traditionally be taught in a semester-long course.

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2019 School Law Institute

The School Law Institute is renowned as the most rewarding, useful and enjoyable school law course for educators in Maine.

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