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Defining the Limits: Schools, Students, Staff, and the First Amendment

Students and school employees retain their First Amendment rights both on and off campus – but those rights aren’t unlimited. Schools have authority to restrict or discipline speech, but must be careful to ensure that they do not infringe on constitutional rights as they do so.

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Fields of Green: A Cannabis Business Symposium

Join us as we explore the most important business issues!confronting the Cannabis industry in Maine!

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Portland, ME

Regulated Substances

Fields of Green: Preparing Your Municipality for Cannabis

Towns will play an important role in shaping and regulating the marijuana industry in the state of Maine.  This symposium will features experts who will help towns understand the scope and extent of their ability to regulate to make sure that they are able to safely take advantage of the economic development potential that exists with this emerging market.

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NH Special Education Summit - Finding FAPE after Endrew F.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on what appropriate programming is for complicated children with disabilities, schools must really look hard at the child’s “unique circumstances” in order to develop “appropriately ambitious” programming!

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Concord, New Hampshire

School & Education
Special Education

Playing By the Rules: Schools, Sports and the Law

Athletics are a source of great excitement, emotion, and interest in New Hampshire schools. They are also one of the most common sources of potential legal liability and adverse publicity when something goes wrong.

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Tribal Human Resources Professional (THRP) Training

NNAHRA and Drummond Woodsum have joined forces to provide Tribal Human Resources Professional (THRP) training to HR Professionals in Indian Country. This 3-1/2 day course provides HR Professionals with the practical knowledge and skills they need to handle the unique employment challenges facing tribal governments and their enterprises.....

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June 29, 2018

Daniel J. Rose
School Law for Board Members

Attend School Law for Board Members and participate in in-depth discussions of employment issues; collective bargaining; student issues; duties of school boards and superintendents; and special education.

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July 10-14, 2018

Eric R. Herlan
2018 Maine Special Education Summer Institute

This four-day Institute has been designed with busy educators in mind. In a short period of time, the participants will cover materials that would traditionally be taught in a semester-long course.

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2018 Maine School Law Summer Institute

The School Law Institute is renowned as the most rewarding, useful and enjoyable school law course for educators in Maine.

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2018 Maine School Finance Summer Institute

This intensive four-day Institute is designed with busy administrators in mind. In a short period of time, participants will cover materials traditionally taught in a semester-long course.

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