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School Boards in Crisis!!

This conference will review basic legal principles that apply to school board action. Dan and Mike will then focus closely on school board crises, particularly as they relate to very public employment disputes, Facebook controversies that impact the board, and public concerns that overtake regular business. In a lively way, our presenters will address employment issues, collective bargaining, student issues and duties of school boards and superintendents. Then, participants will engage in real life problems and be asked to develop strategies for solving those problems.

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2019 Maine Special Education Law Summer Institute

This four-day Institute has been designed with busy educators in mind. In a short period of time, the participants will cover materials that would traditionally be taught in a semester-long course.

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2019 Maine School Law Summer Institute

The School Law Institute is renowned as the most rewarding, useful and enjoyable school law course for educators in Maine.

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New Hampshire Principals Academy

Great schools need great principals. This two-day seminar features presentations on legal topics specifically designed for school Principals, Assistant Principals, and other school and central office administrators. Drummond Woodsum’s team of experienced school and employment law attorneys will provide interactive activities and engaging training in the areas of the law that are the most vital for school district administrators.

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September 13, 2019

Bruce W. Smith
The Dam Breaks: New Laws Flood Schools

Save the Date!

The 2019 legislative session has generated a host of changes to education laws that will have a profound impact on school employment, students and school board policy-making. Please mark the date on your calendar for a comprehensive review of the new legislation by Drummond Woodsum attorneys.

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