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Maine School Law for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, 8th Edition, 2020

NEW! | $54.00

School secretaries and administrative assistants play an important role in the success of Maine's public schools.  Newly-updated and expanded for 2020, the handbook covers many of the important state and federal laws and regulations governing school operations. The handbook provides school secretaries and administrative assistants with the practical information they need to do their jobs effectively.


Maine Special Education Law, Second Edition, 2020

Eric R. Herlan

NEW! | $149.00

Eric Herlan, one of New England's top special education attorneys, has completely rewritten and updated the definitive account of virtually all elements of Maine special education law!


New Hampshire School Law, 1st Edition, 2019

Editor: Erin R. Feltes Contributing Editors: Anna B. Cole and James A. O'Shaughnessy

NEW! | $149.00

New Hampshire School Law, First Edition, is an indispensable reference for all New Hampshire school leaders. Every superintendent, business official, principal, and school board chair should have a copy of the book. The book provides a comprehensive review of many of the legal issues school administrators face on a daily basis – it is the first place to look if you have any type of legal issue.


New Hampshire Special Education Law, 1st Edition, 2018

Erin R. Feltes and Eric R. Herlan

NEW! | 1st Edition, 2018 | $119.00

For the first time, everything you ever needed to know about special education law for the State of New Hampshire is here in one place. This book should truly be on the shelf of every practitioner who has anything to do with special education in New Hampshire.


Maine School Law and Practice for Board Members, 5th Edition, 2017

5th Edition | $54.00

Updated and re-written for 2017, this practical guide is an essential tool for Maine's school board members.


Maine School Law, 6th Edition, 2018


A revised and updated edition of this essential book is now here!

Maine School Law, Sixth Edition, is an indispensable reference for all Maine school leaders. This essential resource, written in clear language with a practical focus, expands on the 5th edition and includes the latest developments in Maine school law.


504 Management System, 3rd Edition, 2019

Editor, Allen L. Kropp

NEWLY UPDATED! | 3rd Edition, 2019 | $189.00

Stop worrying about 504! Introducing the newly updated, definitive, soup-to-nuts 504 Management System that answers all of your questions in addressing the needs of 504 students with disabilities. Have you revised your 504 system to meet all the new ADA/504 requirements? This valuable tool provides everything you need in one package. Be ready for any 504 request, meeting, policy question, and even a visit from the Office for Civil Rights. Why piece together a 504 system yourself, when it's all here in this manual? An incredible value!




Drummond Woodsum’s Coaches’ Manual

2016 | $44.95

We know that coaches and athletic directors hold positions of great trust so we have created this Manual to collect the information that we think coaches and athletic directors need to have at their fingertips whether at their desk, on the field or on the bus.


Significant Cases in Maine School Law, Third Edition 2013 (ePub Version)


This book is a companion to Maine School Law, Fourth Edition. The chapters in both books address subjects in the same order. For example, Chapter 1 in each book is about the legal framework of Maine school law, Chapter 2 deals with student rights, and so forth.


Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country

Kaighn Smith, Jr.

Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country provides a comprehensive overview of the law governing labor and employment relations in Indian country. This is a growing, controversial, and complex area of law, implicating fundamental principles of tribal sovereignty at every turn. It is a must read for anyone involved in Indian affairs today.


Progress, Stability, and the Struggle for Equality

A Ramble Through the Early Years of Maine Law, 1820-1920.

Every now and then, a book comes along that brings life to an era long past and provides timely lessons for today. Progress, Stability, and the Struggle for Equality: A Ramble Through the Early Years of Maine Law is just such a book.


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